Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holly's First Christmas

We're finally back to blogging! I've got lots of catching up to do! I've been trying to blog, but things have been crazy! Since Thanksgiving, I've started contract work 3 days a week so I can be home with Holly and am still at Parkland PRN, we've moved into the perfect home, celebrated Christmas in Georgetown and Glen Rose, and had family come in town to visit!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and New Years!
It was our best yet getting to share it with our sweet Holly!

Our little Santa!

1st stop on Christmas Eve in Georgetown with my family

Uncle David
My dear friend, Tara gave Holly these adorable Christmas PJ's!
Holly was all smiles! Thanks Tara!
I LOVE this look!
We couldn't get from the car to the door before Grandpa had her out of her carseat....he couldn't wait to hold her....brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
Look at these two!
Hangin' with Poppi...they're quite festive together I must say!
Mimi reading to Holly
...enjoying the entertainment!
and it continues!
Holly loves her Mimi
I can't get enough!

And on to Glen Rose Christmas Day....

Holly and her adorable cousin, Jack.
Their expressions are priceless!
I think Holly is a little more interested in her hands than Jack! ;)
Holly's amazing cousin, Stephanie and sweet Jack!
She is SO great with kids!
I took this on my i-phone so it's a little fuzzy, but cute of Grandma Cheryl and Holly all bundled up before we left!
Sweet pics of Holly....

What a perfect Christmas spent with the most amazing families!