Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random pics of our growing girl!

Of course Abby is always close by....they're BF's!  
Just a sweet face....
Thanks Aunt Bette for this toy, she loves it!  
Our big girl drivin' already!  ;)
Trying to fight the heat, getting ready to go swimming.
Unfortunately, one of her favorite things to with the dog bowls.  
It's an endless fight!
Kohl is her jungle gym...I think Kohl is giving up at her old age.  Such a trooper!
Helping mommy with sweet! It's not going to last is it?! ;) 
Thinking about getting in maybe?  
This is just not right, I know!  
What do you do?....

Gotta love her!  We can't believe she will be 1 in three weeks!  It's been an amazing year!  
We love you sweet girl!  

First day at church!

This post is a little late, but that's just how we operate these days!  ;) 
Here's our sweet girl all dressed up for church!  I just new we would get "paged" during church and not to our surprise, at the very end of church, we did.  I cracked up though cause when we got in the car, I noticed she had a clinched fist and I opened her hand and it was full of cheerios.  She hadn't really had cheerios before so I think that treat was what saved us from getting paged earlier than we did.  
She still LOVES her cheerios.  Thanks church! :)