Sunday, October 16, 2011

Holly's One Year Pictures

We met one of our favorite photographers (Toni Elmer-who did our engagement pictures) at a field with her fun little props to snap some pics of Holly at one year!  

Toni is nothing but fun and all about color so here is little Miss Holly...shining bright!  

Captured almost all of her expressions....such a fun photo shoot!  

Happy 1st Birthday Holly!!

Where do I begin?!?!  Our lives and hearts grew 100x over a year ago last September!  I never imagined the joy that Holly would bring to our lives would be this big!  She is such a bright light in our lives that we get to wake up to every day when we just start to count our blessings and continue to throughout each and every day!  I am constantly in awe as I watch her grow and as she starts to take steps, I look forward to watching the path she follows as Thomas and I do the best we can to lead her through Him.  

Here is the celebration of the 1st year of life of our bundle of joy!  

Thank you, God, for this year and to many many more!!

Milk and Cookies 1st Birthday!
 Thank you Grandma Cheryl and Mimi for baking the delicious cookies! 

 Cookies to Go! :) 
 Thank you Rhonda and Jean for allowing us to celebrate at the darling Pie Shop! 
It was just perfect! 
 Thank you Mimi and Poppi for the fun play house!  
the ball pit! such a hit! :) 
 One of Holly's favorites....balls!!
 Holly loves opening and closing anything....doors, cabinets, drawers, etc!  

 Holly's other favorite....walking....with help that is! :) 
 ....and climbing around!

 Holly with her nanny, Miros!  We are so glad she could make it to Glen Rose!! 
 About to receive the cake! She's not too sure about this....
 Our little family of three
Hurry up! :) 
to many, many more!
 digging in....

Birthday Girl! 

 Thomas and his good friends, Matt, Aaron and their little ones!...SO fun to have them together! 
 The Baker crew!  
We were so happy my Aunt, Uncle and cousin could come and with Holly's cousins! 
What a treat! 
 Poor baby is pooped!  
 Thomas' sweet friends, Jaki and Steve with their kiddos!
 Aaron, Peggy and their newborn! 
 Matt, Mauri and sweet Micah! 
Aunt Tara...who came all the way from Dallas and helped SO much with the party!  
We LOVE Aunt Tara so much! 
Grandma Cheryl
Grandpa Bob
Aunt Robyn and Uncle David
Jean and Rhonda (owners of the pie shop) 
Mimi and Poppi

We love you bunches and bunches sweet Holly!  

Happy Birthday to you!