Sunday, April 3, 2011

Five Months, Six Months and going on Seven!

We have had SO much fun watching our sweet Holly grow!  
I can't believe she is almost 7 months!!! 

 Here are some pictures from our trip to Georgetown last month and then some of her in action! ;)  She's not crawling around yet, but is sitting up by herself and is discovering what those hands can do!

We love going to Mimi and Poppi's in Georegetown....We wish we could go more often!  It is so gorgeous there, and since Holly loves to be outside, it's the perfect place for us!  Here's a couple pictures of Holly outside on a beautiful day and I couldn't resist putting her in a flower pot....she didn't seem to mind!  ;) 

5 1/2 months old 
Sitting in the back at my moms
Looking at Mimi
This isn't so bad.... :) 
Watching the sun set! ;) 

Holly turned half a year on March 11th!  
She had a great report from her doctor at her 6 month appointment!
 She is in the 95th percentile for height....definitely those Halka genes!  

Some of Holly's latest developments are sitting up by herself and playing......
The Boppi is the perfect save for those potential falls!
Just a sweet face! 
Eyeing the cone....
Almost there.....
I love this expression!  The tongue out always helps! ;) 

Holly started eating foods after her 6 month appointment and loves it....atleast oatmeal and squash so far!  
Sitting in a high chair for the first time!    
She loved it! She's getting so big, so fast!  
I wish I could pause time! 
(you can tell it's on my iphone....not the best pic!)

We love you so much, sweet Holly!  Thank you for the most amazing, almost 7 months of our lives, for the joy you bring to us and for this sweet smile!  

Love, Mommy and Daddy