Sunday, June 12, 2011

Swim School Begins!

Holly started swim school at Emler at about 9 months and with one of her BF's, Taj (he's 3 months younger) one our good friends Beth and Sanjay's precious boy!  You'll see Sanjay and Taj in the pool with us!  It was SO much fun and our awesome nanny, Miros, couldn't miss out so she came and took pictures!  

Hanging out with Taj before class got started
 Mommy and Holly
 towards the balls
 Taking a break
 Coach Austin helping Holly kick those little legs
 Play with the rings station
 Learning how to hold on to the sides station
 Playing on the mat station
 Climbing station
 Floating on her back while looking in the mirror
 Kicking and screaming....Holly was definitely the most vocal of the class!  
 Taking a peak at Miros! 
 Singing "good-bye"
 And lastly, going down the slide!  

We can't wait till next time.... apparently, she will be going under water for 1 second!  Woohoo!  
Such fun times....thanks, Kara for recommending Emler!  We just loved it! 

Fun in the Sun in "Windy" Georgetown!

We had a blast in Georgetown with Mimi and Poppi over Memorial Day weekend! (minus the fact that Holly had an allergy attack and I've never seen wind like that in my life!)'s a glimpse! 

Look at Abby's hair...and mine for that matter! ;) It was unbelievable and it was like that ALL day EVERY day!  So, Holly's eyes were a mess...poor baby! 
Luckily, Holly was still all smiles....what a trooper! 
I LOVE when she giggles! 
Thinking about saying a prayer before she eats perhaps! ;)
"I didn't pray for this!" ;) 
And finally off to swim!  
Look at the wind blowing down the pool....this hat stayed on for .2 seconds! 
And it's off!
I think she's pooped! 
My mom and I (and Holly for a little bit) sitting out on her new front porch bench....such fun times, mom!!

Your Mimi sure does love you!
Hi Miss Holly! 
One last pic before we head back home....
 Until next time....bye bye!

Holly and her boys!

Holly's grandpa moved from Houston to Dallas this past month to be closer to family...aka 
Holly!  ;) We are overjoyed at the fact that we get to see him at least once a week!  The memories are just beginning and I love that Holly will have such a special bond with her grandpa! I will never forget getting out of the car one day and grandpa couldn't even wait for us to get in the door before he had her out of her carseat...that's how much he loves you, Holly!  And then there's your uncle and daddy...and it's more of the same!  

Here's some captured moments of one of the many good times she has with this trio! 

Just a little attention!  ;)  
 She loves her uncle! 
 And boy....does Grandpa love his grandaughter! 
 Nothing makes her happier than walking around the house!  
Or jumping from floor to sky!  Daddy getting ready for "take off!"
And on their way up! 

I can't wait to see each of these relationships grow as she does....I see a lot of fun-lovin' in store!  

What's this 8 month old up to?!?!

At almost 8 months to the day, this little one decided to start crawling and 

 boy did we have our work cut out for us!  Walking away for just a second can leave us with disaster!   (I'll spare the details!) ;) 
Here she is in action! 
on her way to daddy!
 And THEN, not shortly thereafter, she just wanted to stand! So, here she is not sitting to read her FAVORITE dog book (thanks Audra!), but standing! Cracks me up!
And of course more standing!
 Actually, semi-sitting to read her dog book....again!
 These baby books are also favorites of hers! Shocking that she's laying down....guess those little legs got too tired!
She also LOVES these blocks and rings!  
If I could figure out how to attach a video, it would be of one in her "jumper" and so you could also appreciate how high she jumps!  HA-larious!!
Another one of Holly's favorites...thanks Margaret!  It became a whole new toy when we put the legs on it and she got to play with it and stand at the same time!

What an amazing 8 months baby girl!  Thank you for all the light you shine on our lives!  Every day is SUCH a blessing that we get to share with you and we are so thankful for that.  It brings tears to my eyes that this was us 8 months ago....

And here is us that you are so happy and healthy!  
 If you could only hear what was coming out of this little (BIG) mouth of hers!  She's definitely found her vocals!

We love you bunches and bunches! 
Mommy & Daddy

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holly's First Easter!

I can't believe it's been almost 2 months since I've posted!  Let me just's not for a lack of trying!  This little one, along with work, cleaning, cooking, running errands, play dates, being out of town and just being too tired has kept me from completing a post!!  
So bear with me....I've got lots of catching up to do!  
Here we go!


Holly was 7 1/2 months for her 1st Easter!   This picture was quite the challenge!  It required two "sittings" to get this smile!  She was too busy playing with the eggs and bunny to look at the camera!  Thanks Mimi for the darling dress!  :)

We also took some Easter pictures at the Arboretum with Thomas's sister Audra and Jon and their sweet boy, Jack.  It was the perfect day!

We had the perfect 1st Easter with our sweet little girl and look forward to her first Easter egg hunt at the farm next year!