Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Christmas 2011

I can't believe I'm just getting around to posting our Christmas blog and it's March!  Things have been crazy around here in a great way but I'm glad to be back blogging about my sweet Holly Anne!  

We had a wonderful Christmas and got to see all of our family....SO special!  

Merry Christmas from our Family of Three!
(soon to be four!)

Christmas Eve Morning

I couldn't resist taking this picture....this is where we find Holly most every morning!  
I just love that she enjoys her books so much!  
 Polar Bear and Brown Bear have been favorites of hers for a while now....I finally had to get the hard back books because they had received way too much love!  ;) 
She likes to point out where all the animals are on this page....I love watching her learn! 
 Miros (Holly's nanny) and her daughter dropped by during the afternoon and brought sweet gifts for Holly!  What a treat!  I love Holly's expression here....taking her gift to Miros!
 loving these mittens!
 this firetruck is fun, too....
 And these drum sticks....
What fun to be a toddler!! 
 Holly loves to sit in Grandpa's lap while he reads to her!
I could not have hosted Christmas Eve dinner without my moms help!! 
 My sweetheart!
 Holly all dressed up for Christmas Eve dinner
 Christmas Day~good morning sunshine! 
 We went to Granpas Christmas morning and Holly loved her "say please and thank you tea set" that Mimi got her!  It's actually one of Holly's favorites along with the "Quiet Loud" book Mimi got her.  Both so fitting coming from Mimi!  
( I do have to say I had them on Holly's Amazon wish list but I just love that Mimi picked them out of the bunch)  ;) 
 On the way to Grandma Cheryl's!  Enoying a new book from Santa
 Loves the Christmas tree!
 And her cousin, Jack of course!  Trying to give hime a kiss! ;) 
 They were too cute opening gifts!
 Time to go to bed?!?!?  
It's been a long day!  She was such a trooper through all of our travels!

What a perfect Christmas!  It's our last Christmas as a family of three and we enjoyed it so much sharing it through the eyes of our sweet Holly Anne!  

We love you to the moon and back sweet love!